Flooding in a home or business can be caused by weather, plumbing or a combination of both (ie: not paying a bill and having the city shut off your heat in minus 30 weather). Floods have to be treated as emergency clean up, otherwise it can turn into a mold abatement project within 48 hours. Flood Restoration Calgary & Edmonton

flood restoration Calgary

Our team of professionals are equipped with large wet vacs and industrial dehumidifiers and we respond fast for flood extraction or sewage extraction service from wet carpet, wood floors, walls & ceilings. We will stop the flow of water and start the drying process before the water can do more harm.

flood damage Calgary RGR Abatements

Extracting water is only one aspect of the process. Ensuring that all the areas affected are identified and reported is critical when handling situations involving water. Gray or black water especially can carry bacteria that left untreated can cause other problems. The effects of water damage can happen within minutes:

Water Damage Effects

Perhaps you notice a leak from your ceiling or have had your basement flood from a hot water tank. Whatever your problem, please don’t hesitate! Give us a call at 403-681-3697! Flood Restoration Calgary & Edmonton

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