Grow ops have become a major problem in Calgary and surrounding areas. They leave numerous victims such as: home owners who decided to rent to the wrong tenant, banks stuck with the condemned property, and the neighbors who have to look at the property every day until it’s restored. If you own a home or building that was used as a marijuana grow operation, special cleaning must be completed to make it safe for occupancy. As a pre-approved contractor by the Alberta Health Region, RGR Abatements can help bring your building back to safe standards. Grow op remediation Calgary

GROW OP Remediation Calgary

Our company has remediated and restored numerous grow ops in and around the Calgary and Edmonton areas. We are pre-approved for these types of projects and take care of all issues such as dealing with your banks and lawyers for work updates, permits, achieving clean air as guided by indoor air quality standards, and arranging for Alberta Health Region entry and clearance letters. We have a great deal of knowledge about these houses and the procedures to be taken in this type of remediation. We will work with the health region and the environmental consultant to bring back the clean air the home once had.


Please remember, only a small portion of grow houses actually get busted. If you are looking to purchase a home, or may suspect there might have been a grow op, RGR Abatements can provide a free inspection to check for previous signs of marijuana grow op activity.

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