Asbestos – Everything You Should Know

If you are planning to amass a business that operates from older premises, or you run a business already, asbestos due diligence is one primary issue that safeguards the employees’ health and can save you a lot of time and money in the end. If asbestos is discovered in an assessment, its location and condition need recording in an asbestos register to protect the staff or anyone doing some future renovations and alterations. But what is the big commotion behind asbestos? We bring you a detailed article to explain everything about the due diligence of asbestos.

Duties of Employer and Workers

Getting guidance or assistance from an authorized asbestos consultant is the initial step in the due diligence procedure. Hiring a professional asbestos company and looking at their health and safety protocols can be key. Asbestos consultants conduct a survey and inventory that complies with regulatory conditions, and they can further recommend you various competent and qualified asbestos removal contractors.

Legislative Responsibility

Canadian legislation gives employers and worksite proprietors duties and obligations for their hired workers, and for any contractors they would hire in the future. While different provinces do this in different ways, some jurisdictions explicitly define the word employer as the person employing workers or anyone contracting the services of some workers for supplying services. Regulators set a distinct duty on employers to do ensure “due diligence” regarding risk administration at their facilities or work sites. Otherwise, they will all have probable accountability exposure to the asbestos dangers and negligent reaction to dealing with an asbestos situation. For example, in 2016 in British Columbia, one asbestos abatement contractor was cited for numerous blatant breaches of the Workers Act and laws for incorrect treatment of asbestos. This resulted in over five hundred thousand dollars in penalties, and he was permanently banned from working. Also, no asbestos test was performed!

The contractor in this example, even with his history as a serious violator, still kept getting work, which shows that property managers, contractors, homeowners, and business owners were oblivious to his misconducts and did not do their homework in checking his credentials. Therefore, lack of such vital information rendered them unaware that they were giving work to someone so incompetent and ineligible. This led to making unsafe and hasty decisions in picking him for work. A quick search on different regulatory sites can disclose numerous recent asbestos removal contractors that had multiple violations and penalties. When you are facing asbestos and need to employ a dangerous materials extraction contractor, it is crucial to assure you are choosing the right professionals to help you, otherwise what can be a regular problem with a standardized response can turn into a bigger matter. The asbestos industry is much governed. Inspectors or contractors inspecting and removing asbestos from facilities need to be qualified to execute the task. Many very significant steps affect the expense of hazardous materials removal.

Professionalism and Experience Matter

Among the initial promising signs of high quality, asbestos removal company or specialist is one who has been in this business for a while. You must ensure that the company you are choosing shows proven, appropriately performed removal procedures. The company must be able to inform you regarding their safety and health standards and the methods they select to utilize to ensure all these standards are adhered to and safe. You must be mindful of all these small details and check everything about the company very thoroughly. Asbestos removal is a serious issue and you must only go with the best. If you are doing this work in Calgary and are looking for either a asbestos test or removal, call our team of experts at RGR Abatements. We are a certified asbestos company with an exceptional record.

Factors for Choosing an Abatement Company

We understand it can be difficult to deduce what aspects to look for while choosing an asbestos removal company. Therefore, we have made things easier for you and compiled six crucial things for consideration when hiring an asbestos removal company:

1.      Asbestos Inventory and Survey

Is the company encouraging you to hire any third-party examining firm to finish an asbestos survey of your place as compelled by regulators? If a facility renovation or demolishment is scheduled, the asbestos specialist will have to conduct a destructive survey and ensure any asbestos is suppressed under flooring or concealed behind ceiling and walls. While this will be difficult, the asbestos specialist’s experience can assist considerably in retaining a job on track and contributing to the victorious conclusion of a process. A skilled third-party consultation company must always finalize surveys for inventories. There can be some conflict of interest if the asbestos abatement service tests their work or conducts their survey. You need a third party to give you actual results without holding any important info back.

2.      Assessment of Risk and Control Plans for Exposure

Regulators compel a comprehensive risk assessment and vulnerability control plan, and they need removal contractors to finalize it. This task’s safety inspection and plan will clarify all the risk aspects and the magnitude of the methods for asbestos expulsion. A qualified person is someone who retains knowledge of the administration and control of asbestos dangers through education and training and is well versed in the control of asbestos risks.

3.      Preparations for the Site

The asbestos abatement site will have to be readied for removal, and this procedure depends on several factors comprising of if people occupy the building or will there be any vulnerable workers in the close vicinity. Moreover, some engineering prerequisites require consideration, many of which are commonly observed in the risk-assessment/exposure control plans produced for the removal project. These strategies need to be site-specific and thorough. The risk-assessment report also establishes the work region as a reasonable risk process or a high-risk one.

4.    Removing any Dangerous Material

Subtraction of asbestos needs to conducted by laborers experienced in asbestos abatement who wear safety gear like HEPA respirators with hazmat gear. Worker access or egresses are strictly controlled, and counting on the magnitude of risk often compels multi-staged movable decontamination units.

5.      Conclusive Cleanup and Testing Air

All surfaces and grounds in the contaminated area should be completely tidied and decontaminated. This can pertain to cleaning with a HEPA vacuum constructed for this process and often numerous wiping of complete surface areas. Once the site administrator is satisfied that the task has been conducted sufficiently, they will call a third-party consultation to execute an air-test for guaranteeing safety and clean air for vulnerable workers. Followed by a competent and accredited individual who issues the cleanliness certificate after the inspection—thereby declaring the space clear of all health hazards.

6.      Disposing Waste

Asbestos waste is packed in labeled containers, and transferred to a dumpsite approved for accepting such waste. Disposed asbestos needs to be embodied to assure delivery at the rightful landfill and not tossed out on some roadside or valley, which is something unscrupulous contractors often do. Enviro-Vac is among the oldest private environmental contractors that Canada has to offer. They propose an entire suite of services in dangerous materials removal and decontamination. They are ready to work on projects, no matter how big or small all across Canada.


As we arm you with all the crucial information surrounding the topic of due diligence with asbestos, we hope you can now have a better insight into this issue of asbestos. It is highly critical to understand why being mindful of asbestos and taking the right steps in choosing the right and competent people for doing this job is so significant for not only your health but your workers’ health too.