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Asbestos is commonly found in public buildings and homes constructed before the 1980s. The naturally-occurring mineral is a health threat if the products containing it are damaged. The safest way of handling deteriorating materials that potentially have asbestos is to call a reputable asbestos removal company in Calgary. To prevent exposing yourself and your family members to the dangers of asbestos, contact us at RGR Abatements. We have specialized in asbestos abatement, and we'll have the mineral adequately removed from your property.

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Asbestos Removal Company in Calgary

When you pick an asbestos removal company that meets the below criteria, you can be sure your asbestos needs will be addressed in a compliant, safe, and timely manner.

  1. Find Out if They Perform A Complete Inspection

Having your business or home thoroughly searched for the toxic mineral can help locate the exact places asbestos is present in your property. Unfortunately, some Calgary asbestos removal and remediation professionals skip this crucial step and go straight to removing materials known to have asbestos.

Using this approach means there are higher chances of overlooking contaminated areas of the building. As such, a detailed inspection prior to asbestos removal in Calgary AB is essential to get rid of all traces of asbestos on your property. Your house or commercial building should also be inspected after removing the mineral to ensure it’s entirely safe.

  1. Proven Track Record

In addition to their skills and experience dealing with asbestos removal, you want to know whether the removalist is invested in making sure you are satisfied. Select a firm with a proven track record of highly satisfied clients when it comes to asbestos abatement and asbestos removal in Calgary.

  1. References

Request for references from the asbestos removal companies you have shortlisted. Talking to past clients will give you great insights into the services you can expect. Ask about the professionalism, efficiency, price, and timeliness of the removalists. Such details will speak volumes about the services different companies offer.

  1. Experience in Your Structure Type

The kind of materials used in construction depends on your building type, as will the approach for Calgary asbestos abatement. An office building is different from a residential property. So, ask the company you are considering hiring to demonstrate their expertise with your type of building.

  1. Waste Disposal Procedures

Asbestos fibers can potentially cause multiple illnesses and cancers, including lung cancer, ovarian cancer, pleural thickening, and pleural plaques. When disturbed, these fibers can become airborne. Thus, the contractors who remove this mineral need to follow the best disposal procedures. Ensure you hire a firm with a waste disposal certificate. This will guarantee the company follows the laws and protocols for getting rid of asbestos.

In addition, find out if the asbestos removal firm will give you a manifest demonstrating the asbestos waste has been properly disposed of. If not, you might still be held responsible for wrongly disposed of asbestos.

Second to None Asbestos Removal Specialists

While there are a number of asbestos removal specialists in Calgary, we at RGR Abatements are a cut above the rest. We follow all the guidelines and procedures for asbestos removal and disposal. As a premier disposal company in Calgary, we have unsurpassed expertise to effectively remove asbestos and ensure you and your loved one’s safety. Contact RGR Abatements for more asbestos abatement information and the best abatement services: 403-681-3697.

Asbestos Removal Company Calgary

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