Asbestos Removal Experts

What to Do When You Find Asbestos in Your Renovation?



House renovation is already a tedious process and with it comes a lot of risks and uncertainties. Several small things can go wrong, and it might even break the whole morale of the process. Of the many things that could go wrong, often asbestos is discovered in the process of renovation.

Asbestos can drastically bring up the renovation cost. This can also have certain harmful effects on the health of the workers and people who are involved in the daily renovation activities. Breathing in the fibers of asbestos can lead to dangerous conditions and diseases like lung cancer, mesothelioma and something called the asbestos.

The intensity of these diseases depends upon the amount of fiber inhaled during work. Asbestos has been extremely popular in the industry for a period of time because of its affordability, insulation features,and flexibility. But soon it was found that these asbestos products are causing more harm than good, so they were banned in 2003.


Firstly, it is very important to understand the span of renovation and the possibility of the presence of asbestos in the future. As soon as doubts appear, it is recommended to hire a specialist to remove asbestos effectively.

The specialist who is expected to handle and remove asbestos must have a valid license and must be considered experienced as this is a very important and troublesome problem. It is hard to be sure about the presence of asbestos and that is why it is essential to hire a specialist and let them run necessary tests to uncover the possibilities of having asbestos.

Cost check

Another very important factor to keep in mind is checking on the cost while removal. The rate is mostly fixed on square-meter basis also considering the kind and quantity of asbestos to be removed.

It is to be noted that if a builder is appointed for a renovation project, removing asbestos must usually be included in the renovation cost. After removal, it is suggested to check with the specialist for the clearance certificate and other related receipts.


It is extremely significant to have a list of questions ready for the builder in case one is appointed. This is mainly done in order to keep a record of all its consequences and the risks involved that can affect the family of the person in charge.


It is very essential to be well equipped by gathering certain protective equipment from any hardware store for the health and safety of the people staying there and also others who are involved in the process. The equipment might include the following,

  • Respirator: Simple dust masks rarely act as protection against asbestos fiber or dust. It is necessary to purchase a half face respirator which is filtered in order to effectively block the inhalation of harmful asbestos fibers.
  • Disposable Clothes: Disposable clothes must be worn in order to stop contamination of clothes in the long run. Even footwear is suggested to be disposable so that it can eliminate all possibilities of risk. Hats, gloves and other safety clothes must also be worn so that it can provide maximum coverage from any kind of risk involved. It is suggested to take advice from the local hardware shop about the necessary types of clothing required in case of possible contact with asbestos fibers.

Full information

It is very essential to have full information about materials used in making buildings that contain asbestos or might contain asbestos. Some of the things must be avoided like steam pipes, resilient tiles, boilers and so on. There are several other things like furnace ducts, soundproofing materials and others that are needed to be avoided.

Another important suggestion is that any place that is suspected of having asbestos during the renovation, must be avoided so that safety can be maintained. Dusting and sweeping of probable places containing asbestos are recommended so that asbestos can be removed at the very beginning.

Sawing and scraping of asbestos material can also be a good option along with drilling holes as per convenience. It is also very helpful to use abrasive pads or strippers to scrape off wax from asbestos flooring. Lastly, it is important to keep a track of all asbestos-related material.

Professional help

Hiring professional asbestos removal company help is extremely important as this is a very dangerous issue which can cause a lot of consequences later. There are certain professional specialists who can provide efficient help regarding the identification of asbestos and their effective removal. There are a lot of benefits of having a contractor for removing asbestos.

As they are paid, they are expected to do their job as seriously as possible. This also helps to bring down the burden of stress about asbestos removal and its other harmful consequences which might affect the people involved.

So, it is extremely necessary to be well informed and gather proper help so that the entire renovation process can be hazard free and no one has to worry about the uninvited presence of asbestos.


As is quite apparent, renovation is already a very laborious job and added the presence of asbestos is uninvited.  It is important to take necessary steps that include qualitative work from whoever is in charge of removing and handling the asbestos issues.

First and foremost, it is important to identify the possible places that might be contaminated with asbestos. Then, it is necessary to hire proper people who can effectively help in their removal. It is also necessary to be flawless with the plan so gathering necessary clothes for coverage from possible harm is also very important.

Nothing must be taken lightly regarding this matter as it can bring about major harm to the people involved in various kinds of ways. Lastly, it is absolutely mandatory to get a clearance certificate after the removal is done and thorough checking must be regulated before the whole process is put to rest.