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Asbestos Removal 

Asbestos is a fibrous material used in building products from the 1930s to the late 1980s. It is often found in drywall compound, lath/plaster walls, ‎duct wrap insulation, floor tiles, attic insulation, linoleum flooring, ceiling stipple, exterior stucco and various other products. Asbestos should never be disturbed or removed without the proper knowledge, PPE and training. Fibres can get airborne, becoming extremely hazardous to human lungs, causing cancer and in many cases even death. 

How is Asbestos Removed?

Asbestos removal can be a painstakingly slow process as many safety precautions must be followed to avoid unnecessary exposure. Our services compromise all aspects of asbestos removal and disposal. The cost of asbestos removal varies depending on a few factors. No two asbestos removal jobs are the same and prices are dependent on the location of the fibers and the asbestos contractors, the square footage of the affected area, type of fibre, and how the material is to be disposed. Asbestos removal begins with sealing off the job site to prevent contamination of other areas. Once the area has been quarantined, experts with proper protective materials begin to work on removal. These safety precautions include eyewear, gloves, boots, suits, and air respirators. Wet substances are applied to the asbestos material to prevent the fibres from becoming airborne. Negative air pressure is introduced to also keep fibres from spreading. From there, unaffected elements are wrapped in plastic or covered in duct tape and materials containing asbestos are removed and placed in airtight, sealed containers. Those containers are then transported to a disposal facility or landfill specializing in asbestos storage.

Qualified Experts are a Must

As part of our services we offer lab testing. Asbestos removal is complicated and shouldn’t be attempted without certified technicians, especially if the contaminated material is in a tough-to-reach place like a ceiling or pipe. Our technicians will adequately inspect all affected areas and are trained in the latest methods of asbestos disposal. Asbestos cleanups are long and arduous processes and hiring someone unqualified could result in an incorrect assessment of the affected areas. Not only that, but asbestos cleanups are expensive, with some jobs in large corporate offices costing tens of thousands of dollars and taking several months to complete. Don’t leave removal of this hazardous substance in the hands of amateurs. Call today and schedule your inspection.

Our asbestos services include:

  • Asbestos testing and removal
  • Vermiculite attic insulation
  • Asbestos popcorn ceiling removal
  • Cost estimates
  • Professional removal of asbestos pipe
  • Insulation removal 
  • Hazardous materials removal
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Commercial buildings
  • Asbestos test costs
  • Asbestos inspectors

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When dealing with asbestos removal, it is mandatory that the asbestos is removed by a professional contractor prior to any demolitions/renovations that may disturb the asbestos contaminated material. Don’t trust your asbestos removal/testing services to just anyone.

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To avoid exposure, we recommend having a professional test for asbestos prior to any renovation/demolition or if you are a homeowner and simply curious to know if you may have asbestos in your house. RGR Abatements has completed numerous asbestos removal jobs (both large and small) at affordable prices. If you would like your home tested, we can have results within 48 hours!

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RGR Abatements follows the guidelines set in the Alberta Asbestos Removal Abatement Manual

For low cost asbestos removal and asbestos testing, give us a call at 403-681-3697.

We can have results within 48 hours!