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Asbestos fibres related health complications lead to hundreds of deaths in Canada every year. Many times, people only show signs of illness at least two decades after their first asbestos exposure. Removal of asbestos is a sure way of ensuring you are not put at risk of asbestos-related health complications. It also protects professionals like plumbers who are at the highest risk of long-term exposure from dealing with asbestos-insulated pipes.

At RGR Abatements, we are a Calgary asbestos removal company whose aim is to protect homeowners and the public from the dangerous effects of asbestos. If you suspect you have asbestos in your property, our top Calgary asbestos removal and remediation professionals can test to confirm if the mineral is present then provide unexcelled removal solutions.

How Our Asbestos Removal Works

As a professional firm dealing in asbestos removal in Calgary AB, we follow strict safety guidelines when working. Prior to starting the removal process, we will provide you with all important asbestos abatement information. That way, you’ll be able to understand some of the measures we take, including:

  • Before our technicians remove any material suspected of containing asbestos, we collect samples and send them to accredited labs for testing. This allows us to identify all the areas in your home that must be remediated and the best way to deal with the existing asbestos.
  • If there’s a large amount of asbestos in your home, we may need to isolate the entire area to prevent exposure of everyone to the fibers. For this reason, we might recommend you move out of the house for the duration of the abatement process. We also move items such as furniture and cover all the spaces in your home to avoid contamination.
  • Using our top of the line abatement equipment, we work to remove the materials that contain asbestos. During this process, only technicians who are dressed in protective gear are permitted in the area.
  • After removing the materials, we pack them in tightly sealed containers and send them for disposal or recycling.
  • The last step entails thorough cleaning of the area to make sure no asbestos fibers remain on the surfaces or in the air. In addition, we conduct air tests and clean the area with a HEPA vacuum to remove any traces of asbestos.

Our unsurpassed Calgary asbestos abatement services are the perfect solution when you want to renovate or demolish your house, even when your project is meant to be a simple DIY. As long as your drywall, ceiling, or piping contains asbestos, it’s not safe to disturb it without taking the necessary safety precautions that only professionals like us can manage.

Professional, Safe, and Reliable Asbestos Abatement Services

We're your go-to firm for all your Calgary asbestos removal needs. Our expert removalists check for asbestos, remove it from all corners of your home before disposing of it safely. After our asbestos abatement and asbestos removal in Calgary, you can rest assured that your property will be free from the hazardous mineral. Contact RGR ABATEMENTS for the best abatement services: 403-681-3697.

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