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Safety is paramount when dealing with asbestos. Everyone and the environment should be protected from contamination by the fibers. As such, it’s vital to check any area being worked on for asbestos fibers before construction or remodeling can begin. You cannot identify asbestos with the naked eye, but there are modern ways of testing both the air and materials for it.

At RGR Abatements, we offer homeowners and property managers in Calgary asbestos testing services. If you’re not sure if any of the materials in your building contain asbestos, our top Calgary asbestos removal and remediation professionals can confirm whether your property has the mineral and then get rid of it completely and safely.

FAQs About Our Calgary Asbestos Testing Services

Analyzing for toxic fibers is a crucial part of any project that involves asbestos abatement and asbestos removal in Calgary. Here are some FAQs providing answers to important questions regarding our asbestos testing services in Calgary:

How Do You Test for Asbestos?

At RGR Abatements, we have two ways of checking for asbestos. These are air testing and material testing.

For air testing, we inspect the surrounding air for any asbestos fibers. When construction materials become damaged, the minerals can release toxic fibers into the air.

Our technicians will either conduct phase-contrast microscopy (PCM) or a transmission electron microscope (TEM) test. PCM is a general test that checks the air for many types of fibers, not just asbestos. While it’s cheap and takes a short time, PCM is not very accurate.

On the other hand, TEM specifically confirms if there are asbestos fibers and can identify the different types. It's costlier than PCM but provides more accurate results.

For material testing, we take samples from parts such as insulation, drywall, or ceiling and send them to a lab for testing. We use polar light microscopy to determine the exact amount of asbestos in construction materials. This helps us to decide on the best abatement method to use.

Why is Testing for Asbestos Important?

Testing for asbestos is crucial before asbestos removal in Calgary AB because it allows us to single out all the areas that contain the mineral. In some properties, it’s in the ceiling, while for others, it’s only present in the piping. Testing provides us with accurate and detailed results on where the asbestos is and how much of it there is.

This procedure is also vital even after removing asbestos from your property. Testing the air is a must after every abatement project to ensure no toxic fibers remain in the surroundings.

How Long Does Asbestos Testing Take?

For thorough Calgary asbestos abatement, how long testing takes depends on the method used. Air testing using PCM gives quick results, while TEM takes longer. For material assessment, results may take anywhere between a few hours to weeks to be available.

Reliable Asbestos Testing in Calgary, AB

At RGR Abatements, we offer unexcelled options for Calgary asbestos testing. You can reach out to us for more asbestos abatement information. Contact RGR ABATEMENTS for the best abatement services: 403-681-3697.

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