Plastic Scraps

Article provided by: Vikoz Enterprises Inc.

Does your company produce plastic scraps as the by-product of manufacturing plastic products? If so, there are options available to you to save your company money and keep down the high costs of purchasing plastic stock.
If you’re not already recycling your plastic scraps, you’re throwing out a lot of money that your company could consider a profit. Too often, companies that are not located close to a recycling facility may have gotten the idea that they are not able to recycle their plastic scraps. While this was once the case- it isn’t any longer. Vikoz is able to pick up plastic scraps from any location within the US or Canada. That means your company can make a profit from the plastic scraps that were once considered disposable.
Vikoz keeps non-degradable waste out of local landfills by buying plastic scraps and recycling them. Your company can take advantage of the services that Vikoz provides without adding any additional work to your employees. Vikoz will drop off bins, boxes and receptacles for your workers to use, and will even provide storage trailers for you. Then, they’ll pick up the bins and pay you for your plastic scraps.
You can request a quote for your plastic scraps by emailing [email protected] Along with any questions you may have, remember to include a description of the materials to be recycled, the estimated total lbs, the location of your facility, contact information and pictures of the plastic scraps to be recycled. You’ll receive a prompt reply from Vikoz with a quote to purchase your scrap.
If your company is currently paying to have your plastic scraps hauled away, you’ll benefit greatly from recycling your plastic. Instead of an expenditure, your company will realize a profit- and you’ll be doing your local environment a huge service by eliminating these products from your local landfill. 
If your company is purchasing expensive plastic stock, you may even be interested in toll grinding services from Vikos. They’ll not only pick up your plastic scraps, but will process them by grinding, shredding, sifting, separating and inspecting them, and then re-deliver back to your company to sell them to you. You’ll save a significant amount of money in the process.
If your production department is considering the addition of an in-house recycling facility, carefully consider Vikoz as an alternative. Your company probably has not thought out what adding recycling equipment to your warehouse will do to your bottom line. Aside from the enormous energy consumption that plastic recycling will result in, you’ll be purchasing equipment that may take a decade or more to pay off. 
Leave the recycling to the experts. No one is better suited to the task of recycling your plastic scraps than Vikoz. Building a recycling center within your company’s warehouse will complicate your focus, and redistribute your available funds. Contact the company that does it all- from picking up and recyling, to processing and re-delivering, you won’t find a more versatile, conscientious company than Vikoz. Call 801-673-3719 today, and get rid of your plastic scraps.