smoke damage Kamloops

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smoke damage Kamloops

After a house fire, many view the smoke residue left behind as merely an aesthetic issue. Contrary to this, smoke damage in Kamloops presents a number of problems besides being unsightly and odorous. The longer your house, furniture, and family are exposed to it, the higher the risk of structural damage and health problems. This means that when restoring your property after fire damage in Kamloops, you should hire experts who can provide restoration for smoke damage in Kamloops.

If you need smoke damage and fire damage restoration in Kamloops, Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd has got you covered. We have the professionals, equipment, and products required to restore premises that have been affected by fire, water, and smoke.

What is Smoke Damage?

When a fire ignites, it produces smoke as a result of incomplete combustion of various materials. In a house, this smoke settles on the walls, floors, ceilings, upholstery, and clothes. It may also penetrate the heating, cooling, and air conditioning system. The different types of smoke damage are:

  • Dry Smoke Damage

This damage is caused by smoke produced by a fire burning at a very high temperature. The soot produced is usually in a dry, powdery form that is fairly easy to clean.

  • Wet Smoke Damage

Flames burning at low temperatures produce wet smoke, which is sticky and clammy. This kind of smoke is heavy and has a strong odor. Trying to clean up such smoke on your own can be messy, as it will likely smear all over the place.

  • Fuel Smoke Damage

Fuel smoke damage occurs when the source of the fire was an oil-burning furnace. This type of smoke can cause complete destruction of furniture, such as couches in the house.

Each type of smoke damage requires different levels of restoration efforts. At Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd., we conduct an inspection of the building during Kamloops smoke damage restoration to determine what type of smoke it is, before deciding on suitable and effective solutions.

Hidden Damage

The extent of smoke damage in your house may not be evident immediately after the fire. For instance, discoloration on floors and walls may not appear until after two or more days.

If smoke combines with water, it forms corrosive residues that can eat away at the metal components in your home. This kind of damage may also extend to your HVAC system if soot wafts into it. Such kind of damage is common in house fires where water is used to put off the flames.

Our top experts at Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd. treat all surfaces in the house when performing fire and smoke damage repair in Kamloops BC to ensure that no remnant smoke poses long-term damage risk. This is especially important because while the fire may have been extinguished, soot can continue burning and etching the materials inside your house due to its high acidic content.

Timely Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Our Kamloops water, fire, and smoke restoration specialists will promptly come to your premises as soon as you request our services. We have helped many homeowners to recover from smoke damage in Kamloops, and we’re confident we can help you too. Give us a call today on (250) 372-1335 for a free quotation.

smoke damage Kamloops

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smoke damage Kamloops

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