RGR Abatements specializes in interior and exterior demolition of entire buildings/structures within the Calgary and Edmonton areas. Working quickly, safely, and on budget, our expert demolition teams will get the job done the first time and have it ready for renovations or ready for a complete new structure. Our crew members know what is important: quality, thoroughness, and above all, safety! We take all of these things into account when completing a job for our valued clients


Residential demolition can range from as little as the removal of a counter-top, a small garage, to the removal of the interior or exterior of an entire building, leaving the site ready for construction or development. We can help keep your construction or renovation project on-time and on-budget with our fast service and affordable pricing, letting you focus on the construction and not the destruction. We can even help you get all the permits that you need to get started.

Commercial demolition typically involves the removal of interior or exterior commercial sites, such as office buildings, shopping malls or warehouses. This could also include a minimum of hazardous materials. Due to the type of work environment that comes with demolition, it is very important to make sure that the contractor you hire is experienced and properly licensed, insured and covered with WCB.

If you need help with a demolition project, RGR Abatements employs the best practices, an unparalleled team of professionals, and every regulatory and safety certification to ensure that project is completed successfully. We are fast, clean and offer the most competitive rates among professional demolition companies. Over the years we have completed hundreds of demolition projects and we have earned a reputation for quality and consistency.

Do you have a special demolition job? If so, we can’t wait to get started.

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